CS Spring Machine
Chien Yu Spring Machine
CS Spring Coiling Machine CNC-8/16/26/50
CNC - 8/16/26 Torsion Spring Machine
CNC - R22/45 Ring/Circle Making Machine

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CNC-8 Compression Coil Spring
CNC-8 Spring Forming Machine
GS-208 CNC Oil Seal Spring Machine
CNC-45 Ring Spring Machine

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Established in 1983, Chien-Yu (formerly known as Chien-Shan) Machine Co. Ltd. has gradually grown over the years with the trust and support of its loyal client base. Chien-Yu has managed to accumulate a great amount of experience in production technologies and is now able to offer high speed and high precision products that are durable, practical and easy to operate. Users will be able to operate our products in no time and our machinery will improve your production efficiency by reducing time wasted performing repeated actions.

Our main products are CNC computer spring machine, Garter Spring Coiler (Oil Seal Spring Machine), torsion spring machines, High speed ring circle maker and custom-made machine.

We can change the specifications of our products to build production machinery according to the clients' custom orders to cater to different production needs. All of our products are manufactured under the strictest standardization planning and quality control to ensure optimum durability. In addition, we have invested many resources in product R&D to constantly improve upon our products so that our clients may benefit from enhanced product quality to increase production efficiency.


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